Neways – the Product Sells Itself, Myth or Not?

When you enrolled with Neways were you told the products will sell themselves? All you have to do is make a list of everyone you know, start telling them how great Neways is (maybe even hand out samples to entice them) and they will be clamoring to sign up with you and you’ll become wealthy in no time! Right? Wrong. If the product truly sold itself why would Neways need you? The products are great and you probably have an inspirational testimony after using Neways products. But, I’ll be blunt. Products do not sell themselves.


If Neways products sold themselves do you think Neways would have resorted to network marketing as a business model and form of distribution to get their products into the hands of the masses? Not likely. They would have opened up Neways retail stores all over the countryside. They wouldn’t have a need for you.

The idea that products sell themselves is a big myth. Products do not sell themselves. Products need advertising and promotion. Look at every commercial on TV, radio, newspaper ads, magazines etc…are those products selling themselves? If so, why did they spend massive amounts of money to purchase airtime or ad space?

The key to growing a successful Neways business lies in knowledge. Most people, 96% of network marketers, have no clue on what to do in effectively advertising and promoting their products and services.

The key to success in Neways is to become a marketer. You need to become someone who masters the art and science of getting Neways products and services to the masses who has prospects approaching you…instead of the other way around.


When you apply sound marketing techniques that have worked well for over a hundred years to your Neways business you will see success. In fact, it won’t matter what your product or service is as long as you are a master of marketing.

So what are some of these marketing techniques?


  1. Use techniques that will enable you to get exposure of Neways products and services to the masses. Conference lines are great for reaching lots of people at one time and they’re cheap.
  2. Internet mastery. This is an incredible tool that needs to be used correctly. Having a Neways website is not enough. You need to have a website that connects with your prospect, is easy for your prospect to negotiate and then you need to know how to get targeted visitors to that website that already want and need what you have.
  3. Mastery of the written word. How would you like to enroll Neways prospects without ever speaking to them? By mastering the written word and using copy to create messages promoting your products and business there’s nothing stopping you from creating a substantial income in Neways inside of 12 months.

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