When Micromax Introduces Its First Tablet Funbook

The tablet war is definitely at its peak.  Apple is no longer the tablet manufacturer to contend with. Samsung just recently released their Galaxy Tab and many more other companies are following suit. One of the latest entrants into the Tablet market is Micromax who has launched their ever first tablet called FunBook for only Rs. 6500.  According to the manufacturer, this product is intended to act as a versatile entertainment and educational tool and with all the desired features offered in an affordable service package.

Just some intro


The FunBook will be using the latest Android 4.0 ice-cream sandwich mobile operating system.  Again, the manufacturer says that this is the first ever tablet to be developed in India. This product comes with a plethora of features that will definitely leave you wanting to use it over and over again. The company has also partnered with other technological companies such as Indiagames, Zenga, BigFlix, Everon and Pearson to ensure that the product they sell out to their consumers are of the right quality and that they are ideal to serve the intended purpose.

Funbook specifications

  •         Google Android 4.0 Ice-cream sandwich operating system
  •         1.2 GHZ Cortex A8 processor
  •         7-inch display unit with a resolution setting of 800*480 pixels
  •         4GB of internal memory that is expandable up to 32 gigabytes
  •         Accelerator sensor, gravity sensor and 512MB storage
  •         2800mAh for browsing time totaling 5 hours
  •         3.5 mm jack
  •         0.3 V GA front-facing camera
  •         Wi-Fi internet connection
  •         Bluetooth connectivity
  •         The FunBook also supports various document formats including excel, word, PDF and many more
  •         If you want to attach any pen drives or dongles to this tablet, there is a USB port for that function.


The initial price for the FunBook is Rs. 6499.  However, this is subject to change with time and also depending on where this product is being sold. Therefore, there are cases where you will find that some stores sell this product cheaply while others charge exorbitantly. Any price differences are due to the target market niche.

How you can buy the Funbook

If at all you are seeking alternative ways through which you can purchase this tablet, do not look any further than the Micromax official website.  If you purchase this product directly from the manufacturer, there are many benefits you can expect to get. You will get a one year manufacturer warranty and more so enjoy 100% secure online shopping.  If you need the Funbook, you can log on to the Micromax official website and make that purchase of a lifetime.


This tablet comes with Photon 3g dongle so as to keep you connected all the time. The manufacturer has also provided course material to help new users handle this tablet and get the most out of its use.  There are numerous features that come encompassed in this package. For instance, with this product, you will gain instant access to different kinds of movies on Cokeandpopcorn alongside some live TV to keep you entertained.  If you need to read any documents, this tablet comes with a document reader app that enables you to conveniently read documents in various formats.

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