Why search engine optimization is important

Search engine marketing pleasant website design is vital to the success of your website. Optimizing your website tells the major search engines what your site is about by using relevant keywords. These associated phrases help the major search engines index your site and rank your pages compared to others with identical or comparable keywords.


To make a website visible in SERP, Some internet marketing company begin a web optimization challenge by organizing hyperlinks and commenting on blogs and forums.



Why you need Search Engine Optimization?

  • When anyone searches for his/her query on a search engine, then most users are likely to click on the top 5 results displayed. So, by using search engine optimization, you can take advantage of this situation and gain more traffic to your website or online store. For this, the website should be in one of the top positions.
  • Don’t work on SEO, if you are not willing to work for the user experience. SEO is not only about ranking search engines but also for improving the user experience and usability of a web site.
  • Users perform a search on the search engine with the intention of finding a solution. In a way, you can say that users trust search engines. So, if you want to increase your website’s trust, you need a top presence in search engine for the keywords, a user is searching.
  • You need SEO for the social promotion of your website. One thing you should keep in mind that it is most likely that users who found your website through Google or Yahoo might share your website on social media channels.
  • You need SEO to perform all operation on your website smoothly. To get more benefits from your website, you need more than one author on your website. This can impact in improving your SEO. You will get direct benefit through increased traffic and indirect benefit by completing a checklist before publishing content on the site.
  • In case of competition with other websites on similar content, your website will rank first if you follow SEO on your website.can put you ahead of the competition and you will get more traffic then others.


Even before these things are done, search engine marketing friendly website design must be completed.


What is search engine marketing friendly website design?

Guaranteeing that you simply feed plenty of keywords into your web site makes it search engine optimization friendly and consumer-friendly as well. That’s, it makes the web page much more likely to be found when a person does a search on those keywords. Folks will type variations of key phrases, so remember to use associated words as nicely when building the content of your site. The better job of adding your fundamental key phrases and associated key phrases to your web site that you simply do, the higher your likelihood is of being among the prime sites for these words.


So, is it that easy? Simply fill your pages along with your keywords, and the visitors will come? The answer to that is, sure, kind of. Utilizing these key phrases in certain ways additionally helps to carry more visitors, which is the purpose of SEO friendly web site design.


For example, headlines are extra highly rated by the major search engines, so using your key phrases in a web page’s headline, and in any subheadings, can work to your advantage. On the flip facet, overstuffing your pages with keywords can earn you a penalty from Google, so strive not to use identical words or phrases more than 5 percent of the time.


Technical help for search engine optimization friendly website design

While fancy and technical modifying instruments make it simple to build your website, they don’t make it simple for the various search engines, or for search engine marketing friendly website design. This software program can add scripting codes that the location onerous to crawl, or unreadable by the engines, which might cause the page to not be indexed. It’s higher to use normal Html for any coding you wish to do.


Amongst different technical issues to pay attention to is using Flash. Flash can’t be read by the various search engines and causes sluggish loading time of your pages, so it is not consumer-friendly either. Likewise, utilizing frames could cause some serps issues and cause your pages not to be spidered at all.


One technical side that can help is the of JavaScript or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which cut back the size of your pages and make obtain instances quickly. This additionally helps the spiders to index your pages faster and improves your search engine rankings.

A proper sitemap navigates your customers to their particular search quickly, without wasting time, and search engines love sitemaps. Having an appropriate title for the content, and every web page is helpful as well.

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